3-tier flat mounted to wall 1800x

Are you not tired of shopping for lockers that look so mundane you forget the purpose of buying them in the first place.  They are meant to liven up your workplace or school quad. We offer plastic lockers that don’t rust in a range of exciting colors, red, blue, yellow, green, black, grey, white , to name a few. 

Why go for a boring all grey or hammer tone look that you would find on your average metal locker when you could have a black body with contrasting red doors. You could even have a locker with different colored doors. 

We have lockers in stock that have our grey body/ blue in color scheme but we do offer +- 12 other standard colors you could choose for the body and doors. 

Metal lockers paint starts to chip after a short time and rust follows, avoid this buy choosing our plastic lockers, designed to last and provide years of viewing pleasure.  

Did you know we can replace doors of our lockers at a later stage with the same color code and shade.  You wont need to buy a whole new locker again.  Our lockers can be easily cleaned with soapy water and hosepipe and left to air dry. 

We used UV stabilizers so that the plastic will not fade and become brittle over time and we use food grade plastic so that it is safe for you to store you lunch boxes.  

All the surfaces are smooth and rounded so that they will be safe when young children open and close them.  The lockers when closed don’t make a loud banging sound like traditional metal lockers so are quiet in operation.