Since our earliest days back in 1994, we always believed in our products & capabilities.

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Pathplastics is committed to quality and attention to detail. We work closely with clients to foster sustainable growth and minimize waste. Our goal is to become the leading supplier of custom plastic products worldwide, with a commitment to sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and design principles.

Quality Products


At Pathplastics, we proudly manufacture and supply a wide range of rotationally moulded plastic products designed for excellent quality and durability. Products can be viewed by following the button link below

In-House Design


Our esteemed in-house designer, Callum Broadley, employs cutting-edge computer-aided design (CAD) software to craft intricate product designs. He works diligently alongside our esteemed clients and dedicated account managers, ensuring their unique visions filter into the final product. 

Steel Fabrication


Our team specialises in designing steel structures that support a wide range of products, such as lockers, conical tanks, benches, tables, and laundry bins. Lockers have frames that make cleaning easy, while larger conical tanks have frames that provide more support. Laundry bins have castor frames for effortless movement.  

Logistics Services


We dedicate ourselves to reliable nationwide delivery services at competitive prices.

 We are committed to professionally and efficiently meeting your delivery needs, whether one-time or ongoing.

Plastic Solutions


At Path Plastics, we focus on creating and producing innovative, visually appealing, versatile, and eco-friendly lockers that can be customised to meet the needs of schools, workplaces, gyms, and food industries. Our wide selection of UV resistant lockers can withstand harsh weather conditions and other external factors. This is just one of the plastic solutions we provide. If you would like us to quote on a custom product for you don’t hesitate to contact us here.



Our team of experts are passionate about innovative manufacturing, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and committed to delivering top-quality products. If you want to become a reseller or distributor of our products, please get in touch with us to discuss potential business partnerships.

Vision & Innovation

Create beautiful designs while utilizing long-lasting materials