PT1530PR4 – Perimeter Base Plastic Pallet


Ultra Heavy Duty Large Perimeter Base Racking Pallet, Plastic – 1200mmW x 1530mmLx 185mmH – 4-way entry.

PT1530PR solid pallet top view

PT1530PR4 Pallet Features

Hygienic & Durable:

  • The FDA approves our LLDPE plastic for food use. The deck is solid, which is more hygienic.
  • Resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion
  • UV resistant and recyclable
  • It is manufactured from inert, non-porous plastic.
  • Robust with high-impact qualities
  • Our largest, most durable plastic pallet

4-Way Entry:

  • Easy accessibility with pallet jack or forklift. Runners on all four sides.
  • Stackable to save on storage space.

Colours/ Optional Logo:

  • Our product is available in a variety of colours for convenient identification. Additionally, we offer an optional plate attachment featuring your logo design that can be incorporated into the mould, resulting in every pallet bearing your embossed logo. This serves as a deterrent against theft and makes it easy to recognize lost pallets.

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


PT1530PR 4-way

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



 1530mmLx 1200mmW x 185mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Entry: 4-way entry 

Construction:  Ultra heavy-duty, perimeter-based

Dynamic Loading:  2000kgs

Static Loading: 2500kgs

Deck:  Solid with lip

Minimum order quantity:  None

Discounts: Yes on larger orders

Lead time:  Made on order, T.B.A