We offer a wide range of low-maintenance tubs and bulk bins, both insulated and non-insulated.

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Bulkbin 750ni blue

Non insulated bulk bin

PT Bulk-Bin 750Ni

  • At Pathplastics, we produce durable bulk bins perfect for storing many items with optional lids.
  • Our bulk bins come in insulated and non-insulated options, with the PT Bulk Bin 750 only available as a non-insulated bin.
  • These bins are versatile and used in various industries, such as food service, grocery distribution, healthcare, mining, engineering, agriculture, and construction.
  • They are also suitable for meat and poultry, fishing, and general food processing industries.
  • Moreover, our bins are adaptable enough for use in the hospitality, supermarket, and retail sectors.
  • All the bins have a 4-way entry and pallet footprint at the base. 
Bin liner with lid blue

Fits into a standard wooden crate

Bin Liner & Lid

  • PT Bin Liner Approx Dimensions:
  • Outer:1300mmW x 1115mmL x 605mmH
  • PT Bin Liner Lid Approx Dimensions: 
  • Outer:1315mmW x 1130mm:Lx 100mmH
  • Material: High quality hexene-based LLDPE;
  • Fully UV stabilised;
  • Fully repairable & recyclable
  • Colours: Wide Range
  • Features: For HACCP environments;
  • Fits into a Standard South African wooden fruit bin.
PT330i light blue

Our smallest insulated TUB


  • This product is made of high-quality hexene-based LLDPE and comes with polyethylene foaming insulation.
  • It has several features like being UV stabilised, recyclable, and having 4-way entry for superb handling and stacking.
  • It is also suitable for use in HACCP environments and is perfect for ice production and fishing, meat & poultry processing, and general food processing industries.
  • Larger sizes are available such as 500litres, 660litres, and 1000litres.
  • All the insulated bulk-bins with a capacity of 330litre, 500litre, and 660litre come with double-walled lids, and the 1000litre comes with a single-walled lid. They also have tight-fitting rubber straps.
  •  These bulk-bins are perfect for transport of temperature sensitive items 

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