Plastic Dolly Trolley


Plastic dolly trolley with castors

Dolley Trolley 900mmL x 600mmW in blue with castors

Industrial Plastic Trolley:

  • This product is created with durability in mind, using rotational moulding to provide extra strength. The maximum weight that can be supported depends on the type of castor used, but the largest option from our supplier can handle up to 250 kg. Our standard castor size is 80mm and can support around 90kgs. If the castor did not determine the weight limit, this platform could hold over 500kgs. For reference, our smallest plastic pallet, the PT900R, has similar dimensions and can handle between 900kg-1250kg with both dynamic and static loading.

Durable Castors :

  • Super elastic rubber tyre bonded to a polypropylene centre wheel uses a roller bearing: with very low rolling resistance and good shock resistance. We use x4 swivel castors, which are 80mm with a 90 kg loading capacity.

Solid Deck:

  • Our platform is rotationally moulded LLDPE polymer. Our decks resist impacts. The plastic is food grade, making them ideal for food usage. Furthermore, it can endure UV rays, acids, alkalis and corrosion exposure. Please note that this is not the same as the injection moulded HDPE deck used in most dolly trollies. LLDPE is a more long-lasting and enduring material.

Various Colours:

  • A variety of standard colours are available at no extra cost.

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


Dolly 900 x 600
Dolly 1200 x 600

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



Approximate sizing:

900 model : W x L mm – 600 x 900

1200 model : W x L mm – 600 x 1200

Product Images

Additional Information

Solid Deck:  Yes, non-slip and strong

Construction:  Heavy Duty

Two Sizes: 900 x 600 & 1200 x 600

Castors(wheels): x4 swivel type, 80mm

Minimum order quantity:  None;

Discounts: Yes on larger orders

Lead time:  Made on order, T.B.A