Pt Plastic Pallet Cover Essential 1010


Plastic Pallet Cover – 1210mmL x 1010mmW x 45mmH

Plastic pallet cover rigid in light blue

Hygienic & Durable:

  • Solid rigid plastic cover made from food-grade LLDPE plastic polymer.
  • Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion
  • Uv resistant and recyclable
  • Durable and low maintenance, moulded & sealed, and easy to clean.

Various Colours:

  • Available in a range of colours for easy identification


  • High-hygiene plastic pallet cover that is rigid to protect wooden pallets and prevent hygiene hazards

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


PT Plastic Pallet Cover Rigid

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



Approximate Sizing:

1210mmLx 1010mmWx 45mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Construction: Heavy-duty rigid plastic cover

Deck:  Solid rigid with anti-slip design 

Minimum order quantity:  None

Discounts: Yes on larger orders

Lead time:  Made on order, T.B.A