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Conical Tanks ranging from-50 litres to 1000 litres

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OUR middle Sized tanks

Conical Tank
350 litres & 500 litres

  • 350 litre:  Dimensions:  Height x Circumference

  • H x Ø mm 1255 x 720

    Height in frame: 1760mmH

    500litre : Dimensions: Height x Circumference 

  • H x Ø mm 1620 x 720

    Height in frame: 2120mmH

  •  Plastic conical brewing tanks and fermenters are funnel-shaped at the bottom, used for primary and secondary applications in brewing to save and reuse yeast and minimise oxidation and cleaning needs.
  •  Allow for the elevation of flavours with extended ageing and achieve better clarity of tastes with less sediment, making them uniquely shaped to collect unwanted solids while draining liquids.
  • Customisation options for equipment mounting, side access, and lid fittings add to the ease of draining and cleaning, with no gaskets or tank connector fittings impeding the process.
  •  The cone angle ensures maximum performance with no liquid buildup, making them suitable for solids settling and separation applications in various industries, including process engineering, food, pharmaceuticals, and more.
  • We can customise to meet specific requirements for storing food and liquid products.
Conical Tank on frame- 350 liters@0.5x


Conical Tank
1000 litres

  • Our 1000 litre is the largest size we offer with dimensions.
  • Height x Circumference 
  • 2025mmH x 1000mmØ,

    Height in frame 2365mmH

  • Plastic fermenter tanks made of LLDPE are used for primary fermentation and have easy transportation, storage, and cleaning capabilities.
  •  Plastic conical cone tanks are ideal for applications requiring complete drainage and efficient liquids processing.
  • Conical tanks have unique cone bases that allow for complete discharge of their contents.
  • The smooth internal walls offer clear advantages for food production, manufacturing, and farming applications.
  • Our conical tanks come with freestanding galvanised frames, except for the 50-liter tank which features a plastic integral frame.
Tanks plastic fermenterin 1000 litre size
Conical Tank 50 litres with integral frame

Our smallest tank

For Home Use Or
Small Scale- 50 litres

  • The dimensions of our smallest 50 litre is
  • Approx Dimensions: Height x Circumference
  • H x Ø mm 621 x 450
  • Height in its own support structure: 906mmH
  • This material is ideal for HACCP compliant environments in food processing. The LLDPE used is approved by the FD&A and is also approved for use with potable water and food. It contains no chemical additives or added flame retardants. Additionally, it is resistant to acid, alkali, and corrosion, as well as UV resistant and recyclable.