business premises

We are in the process of moving to a larger premises.  We have also ordered a new rotational molding carousel machine from Italy which will enable us to increase our production capacity and provide better service to our clients.

Pathplastics has been in business since 1994,  26 years of being in the rotational molding industry in South Africa.  We started with plastic containers and bulk bins which we supplied the fishing industry exclusively.  Irvin & Johnson , Sea Harvest , Lusitania , Viking Fishing were our first clients among others.  We then introduced plastic pallets and through word of mouth we became the preferred supplier to the fishing industry in South Africa, we also started supplying fishing companies in Namibia. Around 2006 /7  we started to think that making plastic lockers could be additional business for us.  It was difficult at first to sell plastic lockers as people were only used to Metal lockers.  The problem with metal lockers is that they require a lot of maintenance, tend to break easily and along the coast rust is a major problem.  One of our first large orders for lockers was supplying the Woolworths group with our plastic 3 tier locker slant tops in their corporate color scheme.  We started supplying them lockers in 2008/2009 and we are still supplying them with lockers.  It has not been for replacement lockers though but for additional stores being opened.  We then approached the Shoprite/Checkers group and started selling 3 tier lockers but then manufactured a 4 tier locker which was new to our range at that time. Shoprite decided on the 4 tier locker but wanted a locker that you could see items inside the locker from the outside for security and for ventilation.  At first we devised a hybrid locker with plastic and then a see through metal grid in the middle of the doors. We then progressed to our ecolite locker range and did away with the metal part as we are plastic manufacturers . 

Pathplastics has helped many new clients who have ideas and we have custom made molds for them. These ideas have become products which are now being sold in the market place