Food Locker


Food Lockers overview page. Are you looking to enhance health safety? If so, this compact locker may be just what you need.

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Food Locker Features


  • Our locker is designed to be secured with standard padlocks and has two options: flat and slope tops. The slope-top version is ideal for high-hygiene environments.

Ventilation and Use:

  • Our locker has solid doors with ventilation louvres and can be used to store food and other small items.

Various Colours:

  • Our locker is also available in various colours to suit most preferences.

Modularity and Configuration:

  • Our food lockers have a flat top that can be grouped with other flat tops and slanted units on the top row. Depending on your preference, you can mount them anywhere between 1 to 6 high. While our standard frames are designed to accommodate up to five units, you can customize the wall mounting to fit your needs. Please note that our food locker units are separate boxes that differ from the 6-door locker in our collection. Therefore, they must be installed either by wall mounting or in a frame stand or by wall mounting or in a frame stand.

Installation Options :

  • Our frames are crafted from mild steel and undergo hot-dipped galvanization, with Pathplastics skillfully producing them within their factory. Afterwards, we typically install the lockers onto the stands at our facility and deliver them as fully-assembled packages. See frame sizing below.
LockerWidth Depth
5wide 1565mm390mm
Frame sizing for food lockers. Standard single frame
LockerWidth Depth
Frame sizing for food lockers. Back-to-back (double) frames

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


Food Locker Flat top
Food Locker Slant top

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm


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light greencape green

green 7424red 50macyellowblackdark grey


Approximate Dimensions:

Flat: 305mmWx 380mmDx 305mmH

Slant: 305mmWx 380mmDx 430mmH 

Openings: 275mmWx 340mmDx 295mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Locking:  Stainless Padlock Eye

Ecolite Version: No

Electroplated Mesh Door Version: No

Double-Walled Doors: Yes

Louvres: Yes, For Ventilation

S/Steel ID plate On Each Door: Yes

Hinge: Internal Galvanized Hinge Rod

Freestanding/Modular: Modular

Requires Installation: Yes

Optional Shelves:  No

Optional Wall Mounting Kit: Yes

Optional Freestanding Frames: Yes