Clothes Locker 1 Door or Stack for 2 Doors


Store Clothes Securely with Our Accessible, Hygienic Plastic Clothes Lockers

Model Range

Clothes Locker Product Features

Impact & UV Resistant:

  • Our plastic lockers provide maximum protection and security. The locker has a rotationally moulded LLDPE plastic body and doors that resist bumps and dents and can even be left out in the sun without worry of degradation and plastic becoming brittle.

Easy to Clean:

  • Perfect for workplaces where hygiene is paramount. Keep the locker neat and hygienic thanks to the smooth surface which makes cleaning simple, and the diagonal roof option prevents staff from placing unwanted items on top of the lockers.

Various Colours:

  • Our lockers come in striking colours that complement any room’s decor. You can choose from various vibrant shades to create a distinctive appearance.

Single or Double Row:

  • Typically, the flat top of the clothes locker is connected to the slanted top unit on the top row. Unlike the two-door locker in our selection, the clothing locker units come as separate, individual boxes. This means they must be installed by wall mounting or in a stand.

Installation Options:

  • Suppose you’re interested in wall-mounting your clothes lockers. In that case, we offer an optional kit that includes aluminium bars, sleeve anchors, and pop rivets for easy self-installation onto a solid wall. Alternatively, we can provide frames for the lockers. The frame size will depend on how many units you need. Please see below for the available frame sizes.
Locker Width Depth
5wide 1615mm390mm
Frame sizing for clothes lockers. Standard single frame
4wide 1300mm990mm
5wide 1615mm990mm
Frame sizing for clothes lockers. Back-to-back (double) frames

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


Clothes Locker Flat top
Clothes Locker Slant top

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



Approximate Dimensions:

Flat: 320mmWx 395mmDx 940mmH

Slant: 320mmWx 395mmDx 1060mmH 

Openings:280mmWx 345mmDx 925mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Locking: Stainless Padlock Eye

Ecolite Version: No

Electroplated Mesh Door Version: No

Double-Walled Doors: Yes

Louvres: Yes, For Ventilation

S/Steel ID plate On Each Door: Yes

Hinge: Internal Galvanized Hinge Rod

Freestanding/Modular: Modular

Requires Installation: Yes

Optional Shelves:  Yes

Optional Wall Mounting Kit: Yes

Optional Freestanding Frames: Yes