6 Door Locker


6 Door Lockers Overview, Made from Plastic, Secure Your Smaller Items with an Efficient and Durable Storage Solution

5W 6 Tier Locker double frame back to back 1 1

Model Range

6 Door Locker Features


  • Our 6 door locker is designed to provide maximum safety and security. It is exceptionally sturdy and can be locked using standard padlocks.

Impact & UV Resistant:

  • If you’re looking for a secure storage solution for smaller items, our 6-door plastic lockers are an excellent option. Crafted from rotationally moulded LLDPE plastic, the lockers are durable and resistant to dents and bumps. Plus, you won’t have to worry about the plastic becoming brittle if the lockers are left in the sun. Rest assured that your belongings will be safe and protected in these lockers.

Corrosion Proof:

  • Look at our range of 6-door plastic lockers that are built to last, resistant to corrosion, and designed to cater to your storage needs. Explore our selection today.

Easy to Clean:

  • This locker is ideal for workplaces that prioritize hygiene. Its smooth surface makes it easy to clean and maintain its cleanliness. The slanted roof feature also discourages staff from placing unwanted items on the lockers, keeping them organized and tidy.

Various Colours:

  • Our lockers come in striking colours that complement any room’s decor. You can choose from solid, mesh, or ecolite options in vibrant shades to create a distinctive appearance.

6 Door Lockers Range:

  • We offer a range of standard 6-door lockers with solid doors and the choice of a flat or slanted top. These lockers are available in different colours.
  • We are excited to introduce our latest product, the 6tier Ecolite locker, which offers a modern twist on the traditional 6-door design. This locker boasts clear perforated doors and a sloping top and is exclusively available in a black body and light green doors colour scheme. To make the Ecolite locker lighter, we used electroplated padlock eyes instead of stainless steel and reduced the plastic’s wall thickness to less than 4.2mm. Please note that the flat top option is not available for this model. With these updates, the 6-door Ecolite version is now the most cost-effective option in our range.

Installation Options:

  •  These lockers are versatile and can stand independently, be mounted to a wall, or be placed in a free-standing frame. Use one wide bar instead of one wide frame for a better fit.
Locker Width Depth
6wide 1925mm400mm
Frame sizing for 6-tier / 6-door lockers. Standard single frame
Frame sizing for 6-tier / 6-door lockers. Back-to-back (double) frames


To learn more about our selection of plastic lockers, follow this link https://pathplastics.co.za/plastic-lockers.

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


6 door flat solid doors
6 door slant solid doors
6 door ecolite slant

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm, less on ecolite version


mac bluevodacom bluelight bluedark green

light greencape green

green 7424red 50mac yellowblackdark grey


Approximate Dimensions: 

Flat :315mmWx 380mmDx 1845mmH

Slant: 315mmWx 380mmDx 1965mmH 

Openings:270mmWx 325mmDx 295mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Locking: Stainless Steel Padlock Eye

Locking Ecolite: Electroplated Steel Eye

Ecolite Version: Yes

Electroplated Mesh Door Version: Yes

Double-Walled Doors: On All Versions

Louvres: On Solid Door Version

S/Steel ID plate On Each Door: Yes

S/Steel ID plate on Ecolite: No

Hinge: Internal Galvanized Hinge Rod

Freestanding/Modular: Freestanding

Optional Shelves:  Yes

Optional Wall Mounting Kit: Yes 

Optional Freestanding Frames: Yes