2 Door Locker


Check out our durable two-door lockers overview page, which is ideal for storing clothes and oversized items. Made from high-quality plastic, they come with hanger rails and optional shelves.

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2 Door Locker Model Range

Product Features


  • Our lockers are manufactured with standard eye-type s/steel locking clasp attachments for padlocks, and we recommend using 40mm padlocks with a shackle thickness of about 6mm.

Impact Resistant :

  • Manufactured from high-quality LLDPE (linear low-density polyethylene) with internal galvanised hinge rods coupled with an innovative and versatile design, this product has high impact and thermal resistance qualities. The material is corrosion and UV resistant, so the plastic does not become brittle or break.

Corrosion Proof:

  • Our locker will not rust like regular metal lockers, whether humid, wet or dry. It’s incredibly durable and built to last!

Easy to Clean:

  • Perfect for schools or workplaces where hygiene is paramount. Keep the locker neat and hygienic thanks to the smooth surface which makes cleaning simple.

Various Colours:

  • Available in a range of eye-catching colours that match any surrounding decor! Choose from solid or meshed door variations in vibrant hues for a unique look.

2 Door Lockers Range:

  • We provide a range of options for two-door lockers, including mesh or solid doors and flat or slanted tops. There are four different versions available to choose from.
  • All these 2-door locker versions have hanger rails as standard and optional extra shelves.

Installation Options:

  • These 2 door lockers provide flexibility in terms of placement options. They can stand independently with their screw-in adjustable feet, be mounted to the wall using the aluminium bars included in the wall mounting kit, or be placed in a free-standing frame of different widths, depending on the number of lockers you wish to fit into a frame. Wall mounting bars are approx the same widths as frames. For one wide, we recommend one wide bar instead of one wide frame.
LockerWidth Depth
2wide frame655mm400mm
3wide frame965mm400mm
4wide frame1300mm400mm
5wide frame1605mm400mm
6wide frame 1925mm400mm
Frame sizing for 2-tier / 2-door lockers. Standard single frames
2wide frame655mm775mm
3wide frame 965mm775mm
4wide frame1300nn775mm
5wide frame1605mm775mm
6wide frame1925mm775mm
Frame sizing for 2-tier / 2-door lockers. Back-to-back (double) frames


To learn more about our selection of plastic lockers, follow this link https://pathplastics.co.za/plastic-lockers/

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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


2 door flat solid doors
2 door slant solid doors
2 door flat mesh doors
2 door slant mesh doors

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



Approximate Sizing

Flat top: 315mmWx 380mmDx 1845mmH

Slant top: 315mmWx 380mmDx 1965mmH

Openings: 270mmWx 325mmDx 890mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Locking: Stainless Steel Padlock Eye

Ecolite Version: No

Electroplated Mesh Door Version: Yes

Ventilation Louvres – Yes On Solid Door

Double-Walled Doors: On All Versions

S/Steel ID plate On Each Door: Yes

Hinge: Internal Galvanized Hinge Rod

Freestanding/Modular: Freestanding

Standard Hanger Rails: Yes

Optional Shelves:  Yes

Optional Wall Mounting Kit: Yes. 

Optional Freestanding Frames: Yes.