2 Door Locker Flat Solid Doors


Explore our 2 Door Locker Flat Solid Doors for clothes. They are solid and reliable, made from high-quality plastic, with hanger rails as standard and optional shelves.

2 door locker flat top grey and blue

2 Door Locker Flat Features

Corrosion Proof:

  • Our 2 door locker flat with solid doors will not rust like regular metal lockers, whether humid, wet or dry. It’s incredibly durable and built to last!

Easy to Clean:

  • Perfect for schools or workplaces where hygiene is paramount. Keep the locker neat and hygienic thanks to the smooth surface which makes cleaning simple.

Various Colours:

  • Available in a range of eye-catching colours that match any surrounding decor! Choose from solid or meshed door variations in vibrant hues for a unique look.

Installation Options:

  • These lockers can stand alone with adjustable feet or be mounted to the wall with included aluminium bars. They can also be placed in a frame for multiple lockers, with a 1-wide bar recommended for a single locker.
LockerWidth Depth
2wide frame655mm400mm
3wide frame965mm400mm
4wide frame1300mm400mm
5wide frame1605mm400mm
6wide frame 1925mm400mm
Frame sizing for 2-tier / 2-door lockers. Standard single frames
2wide frame655mm775mm
3wide frame 965mm775mm
4wide frame1300nn775mm
5wide frame1605mm775mm
6wide frame1925mm775mm
Frame sizing for 2-tier / 2-door lockers. Back-to-back (double) frames


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Material: Virgin LLDPE compound


2 door flat solid doors

Wall Thickness

Approx 4.2mm



Approximate Dimensions:

Flat top: 315mmWx 380mmDx 1845mmH

Openings:270mmWx 325mmDx 890mmH

Product Images

Additional Information

Locking: Stainless Steel Padlock Eyes.

Double-Walled Doors: Yes

Louvres: Yes, for ventilation.

S/Steel ID plate On Each Door: Yes

Hinge: Internal Galvanized Hinge Rod

Freestanding/Modular: Freestanding

Standard Hanger Rails: Yes

Optional Shelves:  Yes

Optional Wall Mounting Kit: Yes

Optional Freestanding Frames: Yes