PT900R: Racking Pallet

Dimensions: W x L x H mm 900 x 900 x 185
Dynamic Loading: 900kgs
Static Loading: 1350kgs
Special Features: Standard racking pallet with runners;
Optional extra non-slip rubber grommets
(air ventilation without grommets);
4 way entry


Manufactured from high quality virgin LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in Food Processing environments;
For HACCP environments and for corresponding demands in the food industry, as well as in pharmaceutical and industrial applications.


Fully moulded & sealed;
Raw material used, as well as unique design features, prevent growth of bacteria;
No risk of impurities being able to accumulate;
Easy to clean;
Can withstand automatic washing systems with a water temperature of 85°C; all conventional detergents and hosing at a pressure of up to 200 bars in nozzle.

Handling & Unique Features:

Accessibility by forklift and pallet truck;
Durable and low maintenance;
Fully UV stabilised to prevent environmental stress cracking;
Robust, with high impact strength capabilities;
Good chemical resistance;
Produced from polyethylene which is fully repairable and fully recyclable;
Safety aspect – no splinters or nails to injure workers or damage cargo;
Stackable, thus saving invaluable factory floor and chiller space;
Stackable and rackable when storing product in bins or frozen product in cartons;
Different colours available – assists with customer or product identification;
Company logos can be in-moulded for easy identification;
Excellent thermal resistance from –20 to +80 C ( low temp raw material on request)

Special Advantages:

Increased strength and durability;
Significant decrease in the unit cost when compared with other plastic pallets;
Smooth, supremely cleanable surfaces, ideal in conditions where hygiene & cleanliness are considerations;
Less damage to floors, when pallet loads are pushed rather than lifted;
Homogenous design with rounded edges and support posts to minimize edge damage;
manufactured from inert, non-porous plastic and resistant to chemicals and moisture;
PATH PLASTICS’ PALLETS CANNOT BE DISASSEMBLED AND USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE – AN EXCELLENT DETERRENT AGAINST LOSSES!Manufactured from inert, non-porous plastic and resistant to chemicals and moisture