2 Tier Locker Flat - 2TierFullLockerF

Approx Dimensions:
W x H x D mm
310 x 1830 (1870 with adjustable feet) x 380
Top: Flat

The professional looking, robust, ultra hygienic and permanent solution to forever rusting and unsightly metal and wire cage lockers! Sold as a full locker unit consisting of 2 Locker compartments.
Is free –standing with adjustable feet.

  • All 2 tier lockers can be riveted side by side in batches for added stability
  • EASY TO CLEAN AND KEEP CLEAN – Simply clean with soap and water
  • EASY TO MAINTAIN – There’s never a need to paint or rust proof,making them low maintenance 
  • DURABLE – Double wall constructed lockers are dent and corrosion resistant, unlike metal
  • QUIET – No loud banging like with metal lockers
  • COLOURS – A variety of colours available

The professional look

  • Smooth & Hygienic – Each unit is moulded individually for a smooth, seamless look
  • Professional looking;
  • Because they don't corrode, lockers maintain a clean, sanitary and attractive appearance
  • Attractive – Lockers are available in a variety of stylish and custom colours

The efficient user

  • Meat Processing Plants
  • Poultry Processing Plants
  • Fish & Seafood Processing Plants
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Athletic and Fitness Facilities
  • Wet Industrial Environments
  • Locker rooms in schools and other institutions
  • and you too

Std Features Include:

  • Grey / Blue colour
  • Stainless Steel ID plates
  • Louvers


Manufactured from high quality LLDPE;
Approved by the FDA for use in Food Processing and High Hygiene environments;
Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion;
Fully UV resistant;
Fully recyclable


Smooth surfaces prevent growth of bacteria and ensures supreme ease of cleaning.
Each unit is moulded individually for a smooth, seamless look.

Product Specifications:

  • Strong and durable - double wall constructed lockers that are dent and corrosion resistant,unlike metal
  • Easy to install
  • Quiet - no loud banging, as with metal lockers
  • Long lasting and easy to maintain - there's never a need to paint or rust proof, making them low maintenance
  • Professional looking - because they don't corrode, lockers maintain a clean, sanitary and professional appearance;
  • Attractive - lockers are available in stylish standard colours and can be manufactured to client's custom colour specifications;
  • Standard lockers include:
    • Grey / Blue colour
    • Blank S/Steel (engravable) ID Plates
    • Louvers / ventilation
  • Also available in slanted-top format, to be used in the top row of lockers, - no flat surfaces where dust can gather, or which invariably serve as areas upon which to put (unauthorised) items


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