Custom Moulding

What is custom moulding…

Custom moulding involves designing and producing a new product or part made exactly to a client’s specification. The costs of tooling for rotational moulding are comparatively low compared to other plastic processing methods. It is often a better alternative to metal, fibreglass or wood fabrication. Due to the flexibility of design, rotomoulding is often used to simplify applications by manufacturing a single product to replace a range of parts.

At Path Plastics we are able to offer the required level of expertise and experience in producing custom moulded parts.

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Herewith below some of our custom moulded products which are available exclusively through Safequip and Postwink.




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  • Coca-Cola

  • Shoprite/Checkers

  • Heinz

  • Spar

  • I & J

  • Speck Pumps

  • Nestle

  • Tiger Brands

  • Sea Harvest

  • Woolworths