PT835 (FC700) Interlock-stack box

L x W x D mm
840 x 520 x 185
Capacity: 62 ltrs


  • Manufactured from high quality LLDPE, approved by the FDA for use in Food Processing environments;
  • For HACCP compliant environments;
  • Resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion;
  • The raw material used is also fully UV resistant and fully recyclable.


  • Raw material used, as well as unique design features, prevent growth of bacteria.
  • All corners with radii, for supreme ease of cleaning and perfect conformation to highest hygiene requirements
  • Can be cleaned/disinfected with water or steam, as material is non-absorbent.


  • Designed to perform in a wide range of extreme working conditions;
  • Excellent thermal resistance;
  • Special design features, incorporating extra strength and stability;
  • Robust, with high impact strength capabilities;
  • Long lasting and low maintenance;
  • Do not shatter or splinter and thus cannot damage goods/product;
  • Different colours available – assists with customer or product identification;
  • Company logos can be in-moulded for easy identification
  • Bins are provided with or without drainage, and the unique design ensures optimum external drainage which allows substances such as blood and thawed water to drain away to the outside, even when stacked ten or more high, while still maintaining the fresh quality of the product inside;
  • For handling and transportation, each bin is light weight, yet very strong, and can be securely stacked, with or without product, to save valuable floor space;


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  • Coca-Cola

  • Shoprite/Checkers

  • Heinz

  • Spar

  • I & J

  • Speck Pumps

  • Nestle

  • Tiger Brands

  • Sea Harvest

  • Woolworths